Delivering quality, trusted care to your loved one remains our core mission and responsibility. 

The In-Person Care Assessment (IPCA) is vital in enabling us to match the right Care Professional(s) to best meet your loved one's care needs.

Conducted by our in-house Care Specialist with at least 30 years of nursing experience, this care assessment provides a holistic understanding of

  • The condition of the care recipient, including

    • Mobility status

    • Communication ability

    • Cognitive function

    • Any special needs

  • The environment where care will take place

Our Care Specialists may also advise on suitable mobility aids and improvements to enhance the safety of the care environment.

Each IPCA costs $60. A Care Assessment report will be made available in the Homage mobile app for you to better understand the care needs of your loved one.

We highly recommend opting in for the IPCA especially for new Homage customers. You can do so at the point of booking from the Homage mobile app.

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